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New Bingo Players are Enjoying the Game

A few years ago if you thought about the game of Bingo, an image of wrinkly old ladies with blue or pink rinses in their hair sitting down in the local social club for a nights entertainment. Newcomers to the game of bingo were few and far between. These clubs were dens of the game and unless you were completely silent and knew exactly how to play, then you were better staying away.

But oh how times have changed. UK Bingo is more popular than ever with a wide range of ages playing and new players joing the game in their droves. The games in the social clubs are certainly still there but there is a now a range of players playing with people of all ages, race and sex.

Why the sudden change? Well certainly the larger bingo halls, dedicated to the game, are much more welcoming and offer more incentives for newcomers to try out playing bingo. The smaller drab bingo halls are being replaced with complexes similar to cinemas – bright and entertaining.

Online bingo playing has certainly helped as well and, over the past few years, the growth in online bingo has been massive with many different bingo sites now available to play in. There are many different bingo site themes as well so you can choose a theme that you can relate to and this can add to your online enjoyment.

With the internet now becoming pretty much accepted as a safe place to transact money, so long as your dealing with trusted and respectable sites, and this has helped immensely, especially with the non-computer generation, who a few years ago would have often scoffed at even turning a computer on. The older generation are now enjoying playing online bingo as much as anyone and it's great if you can't get down to the local bingo hall like you used to.

Bingo online can also be played at any time of the day – morning, noon or night. You don't need to dress for the occasion either, get a coffee and your slippers on and your away, playing for jackpot prizes from only a few pence a game. With the chat facilities available in all of the online bingo halls, you can even get a natter when playing.

What a great way to relax!