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Foxy Bingo
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Online UK Bingo - Get the Facts

Not sure about playing online Bingo for real money?

Not sure about playing bingo online for real money? Wondering if you money is safe and secure? Check out the facts below to put your mind at rest.

Who can play?
Anyone over 18 can play bingo in the UK.

Can I play Bingo for Free?
Yes, the majority of online bingo sites will allow players to play for free. This gives you a feel for the bingo site so you will feel comfortable playing for real. You also get a feel for the hall and can make the move to real money play safely.

How do I deposit money?
A credit card is the normal method to deposit money in the online bingo sites, however, most sites allow Paypal, Fireplay, Neteller or Western Union. All of the Bingo Sites Listed in use secure servers for deposits which means your transactions are safe and secure when playing online bingo.

How do I collect my Bingo winnings?
Prize monies won will be deposited directly into your account where you can withdraw them either into your credit card, online account or by check in the mail. You can keep the money in your account for as long as you like, either to play with at another visit or to withdraw when you see fit. You money is held safely and is fully secure.

Are Bingo games fixed?
The bingo sites are all independantly audited to ensure the games and payouts are fair. The bingo balls are selected by a random number generator.

What happens if my Bingo game connection is broken?
You will not lose the game you are currently playing and your bet will not be lost. The internet is prone to dropping out at times and therefore the bingo sites monitor your play and where you dropped out. When you reconnect, you can pick up from where you were and you will not lose your stake.

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Do I have to use my real name?
No, your name and address details will be require to post your winnings but other players will only see a nickname you invent for yourself.

How much can I win?
Online Bingo jackpots in our featured UK Bingo sites can be as high but are not paid out often. Play responsibly and don't gamble with more than you can comfortably afford to lose. This isn't going to make you rich quick so make sure all other bills are covered and that you only play with "spare" money.