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UK Bingo Rules

There aren't many people in Britain that haven't played some form of Bingo at some time in their lives, so most know the rules. It has always been popular and is easy to play so has always been a favourite with families all over the UK.

Traditionally Bingo is played in bingo halls, social clubs, and kitchen tables all over the country. Online Bingo is the newest form for the Bingo lover to participate in.

The Rules of Bingo

Online Bingo rules vary from site to site but these rules will help with the basics and it's so easy to play, the inexperienced player will be up and running in no time. Cards normally have 24 squares with numbers in some or all of them.

The objective of the bingo rules is to cross out all of the numbers on your card before anyone else does.

Online bingo has various ways of calling the numbers after purchasing your card/s.

The numbers are either read out but the virtual caller for you to cross off, are displayed on screen and you click on the matching numbers or in some online bingo games the numbers are displayed on screen and crossed off automatically.

When your card is full the player shouts "house" to win the bingo game. Of course when playing bingo online, the rules are slightly different. Shouting "house" at the PC monitor isn't going to get you much so when playing online, it's done automatically for you.

UK Bingo games can be found online in uk bingo halls, we recommend reading our bingo reviews page and choosing a trusted, reiable site that is fully regulated.