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UK Keno Game Rules

Keno is a very similar game to Bingo.

The objective of Keno is for the player to guess random numbers from 1 to 80 or 90, that are selected by the Keno machine or when playing online a virtual keno machine.

The player chooses between 1 and 15 numbers and also the amount to be bet. A small bet typically costs between 10p and 25p. Larger keno bets can be as high as £5.

The machine then selects, usually 20 numbers and they are matched with the players choices. These numbers are selected, in almost the same way as bingo, with numbers popping out of a spinning cage or ball machine.

The player is paid out on how many of the players numbers matches the numbers drawn out by the keno machine.

When the numbers are being drawn, the players numbers are matched by the drawn keno balls and are highlighted if the the drawn ball is the same as one of the players choices. A counter also runs keeping track of how many balls match.

The payouts in Keno are on a rising scale and can get very high. A full selection of numbers is going to make you a lot of money!.

If the player chooses a full 15 numbers then the keno machines will typically payout nothing for 1 to 4 matched balls.

You'll probably get your money back for 5 and with any more the players winnings increase quickly with around 50,000 times your placed bet for matching all 15.

Check the payout odds in the keno site you wish to play at as they all differ slightly. All of the keno game sites allow free play until you've learned the keno rules, or keep playing for free if you wish!

There are many online casinos that allow Keno play but we recommend Jackpot Joy's because you can play bingo there too!