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How To Play Jackpot Joy’s Full House Bingo

Full House Bingo is one of the most popular games available at Jackpot Joy’s Bingo site. It’s an exciting game where the aim is to get a line, two lines or a Full House in which to win. Prize money is roughly an average of £5 for a line, £15 for two lines and a Full House will net you around £45.

In addition to the usual bingo prize monies, Full House Bingo has a progressive jackpot feature which often runs to many thousands of pounds. The jackpot continually ticks up until someone wins the entire amount by managing to cross off all the numbers on a card within a given number limit.

How to Play Full House Bingo

To get started playing, click on Full House Bingo link in the Games section of the Jackpot Joy Bingo site. It’s in the bingo category. A pop up screen will appear and the game will load within it. When the game has finished loading, and it doesn’t take long, a welcome message is displayed and you can now buy you bingo tickets.

Each card is 5 pence and is displayed towards the middle of the viewing screen. You can choose the tickets you want if, for example, you have certain lucky numbers. Your choosen tickets will be highlighted and if you chance your mind, click on them and choose a different card. When you’re happy with your bingo card selection, click on the “buy” button.

If you’re not fussy about which card to play just lcik the “buy tickets” button at the bottom of the screen.

After you purchase the cards you’re going to play, it’s just a case of waiting for the next Full House Bingo game to start. A countdown ticker on your screen will tell you how long you have to wait – normally a minute or two.

Without selecting any tickets, you can also buy tickets by clicking “buy tickets” in the yellow button in the bottom left of the screen.

If you feel like chatting with your fellow bingo players that the chat window open at the right of the screen can be used. It’s actually good fun once you start chatting – everyone is friendly and it adds to the fun of playing.

There are other games you can play either when waiting to play bingo or outwith your bingo games. There is Blackjack, Hi-Lo and scratchcards along with a few others and playing won’t interrupt your bingo screen so you can stay on track with what’s happening.

When the game begins, listen to the called and watch as the numbers are marked off your cards. You’ll instantly see when you or another player has won and the prize amounts.

The Full House Bingo game at Jackpot Joy is a really good game of bingo and easy to get into if you’re new to playing bingo online. .As a new player things are easily followed and should you even not be sure of anything just ask in the bingo chat window.

If it’s your first time playing bingo or Full House Bingo, have fun!