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The Price is Right Bingo

The Price is Right is an exclusive rights game produced by Jackpot Joy that’s based on the popular classic game show. It mixes the traditional version of online bingo with best bits of the game show to produce a themed bingo game with an added, and very enjoyable, dimension.

The game is played in much the same format as you’ll find in other online bingo sites. The player purchases bingo cards, which cost from 25 pence and the balls pop up on screen as you dab your numbers out to see who can call “house” first. For each game, the player can buy up to 100 bingo cards although most players normally buy just one or two per game. New players can get two pounds worth of free cards to try out this game.

There is an in game prize, dictated by the number of cards bought, again, this is as in traditional bingo sites, however, with The Price is Right Bingo, there is the added attraction of 3 bonus games. The games are played when a player or players are picked at random and allowed the chance to play The Price is Right.

The bonus games are based around some of the games that were available to play when this show was at the pinnacle of its Saturday night TV slot on and they capture the noise and excitement of the original games well.

Lucky chosen players get the chance to play one of the three games on offer, as detailed below.

Come on Down” was the catchphrase of the show and is now the name of one of the extra Price is Right Bingo games. Three players are selected to spin the wheel but rather than see how close to 100 they can get, as in the TV show, each player will win the amount of money that the machine stops on. All three players win!

Way To Go Plinko is the name of the second featured game and here, if you’re chosen, you have to drop a puck which makes its way to the lower part of the screen. Depending on where the puck lands the player could win up to three times their winnings.

Spin The Wheels! The third game in the series allows players to win a Mini car! The wheel spins and if each number it stops on matches the price of the car then you can win the car. An excellent prize.

Jackpot Joy is fast becoming one of the leaders in online gaming and now offers three different versions of bingo. Apart from “The Price is Right,” you could also play “Bingo Lounge” which is the traditional online bingo game or “Bingo Gold” another version of classic bingo, this time with a progressive jackpot that keeps on growing until it’s won. Such is the popularity of the Bingo Gold games that the jackpot often reaches huge amounts.

There is also a wide range of slot machines that can be played which are very similar to fruit machines found in pubs and clubs around the UK and also there is a range of the most popular casino games that can be played.

One of the main features of the JackpotJoy is the new games licenses it produces. In addition to The Price is Right, they also offer another very popular game based on the TV show “Deal or No Deal.” In the Deal or No Deal game, winners have often come away with more than either the UK or US versions of the game show can produce.

If you would like to see the game for yourself, this link, The Price is Right will take you to the gameshow bingo page.